ESL Phrasal Verb Game – Copy and Guess

ESL Phrasal Verb Game – Copy and Guess

Copy and Guess is a great game which will enhance the communication ability of your students. In this activity, students guess the meaning of a phrasal verb from context. This game is a great way to practice phrasal verbs and is sure to keep students entertained. Activity time: 20 minutes Materials required: flashcards (with phrasal verb sentence on each card) Skills practiced: Using phrasal verbs, brainstorming Level: Teen and Adults Lower intermediate +


1.Prepare a list of the phrasal verbs you want to practice and first review  them with your students. Ensure that the students have proper grasp and understanding of how to use the phrasal verbs you have taught them. 2. Pair the students together; they will have to compete against other pairs to earn points. (If you have a larger class, then group the students in 3s or 4s) 3. From the first pair of students, student A will pick a flashcard with a phrasal verb sentence. Example: The Soldier PUT DOWN the rebellion by force. Student B will have to guess the phrasal verb in the sentence (PUT DOWN). Then student B will have to explain the meaning of the phrasal verb. If student B guess correctly they get a point. If they don’t guess correctly then student A is asked about one of student B’s phrasal verb sentence. 4. The game continues until all the cards are used or the time is up. The student with the most points in the winner.

Alternative Ideas:

  • Have students create their own sets of cards from their books.
  • Play in groups or teams if students find phrasal verbs difficult.
Have you got any other ideas? Please leave a comment below.
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