Four in a Row (Connect Four)

Four In A Row (Connect Four)

Four in a Row is a simple scoring system that you can use in class. We have redesigned this game so that it is more useful in class. Students can play this game in the traditional taking turns way or they can play by taking turns as they answer questions correctly.

Ideas to use Four in a Row in class

Revision – Many English language course books often have a revision section at the end of the unit to recap vocabulary, grammar and other aspects covered in the unit. Often times these are either skipped or loathed by students. Four in a row can turn these boring revision activities into an exciting game.

Quizzes – Use the board to award points to teams. What ever team gets four in a row wins!

As a reward – Have your students worked particularly well in class today? Maybe you could reward them with this fun game.

Speaking – Answer a question and then let them choose where to put their next piece.

Verbs/Word transformation – Write verbs in the spaces and have students say the past or past participle of the verb. You can use this same idea to practice word formation with Cambridge exam students.

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