Directions Game

Directions Game

The directions game is a fun and interactive way to practice giving directions in English or another language.

In this game there are two versions to play:

In Game 1 there is a map with common different places found in a town or a city. One student/group/teacher places the red starting point marker somewhere on the board. Next, the next student/team or teacher clicks on the “go to the…” button. Whatever location comes up on the card, is the place the student/team need to give directions to.

You can gamify the game by awarding points for the correct answer and deducting points for wrong directions if you wish.

In the Game 2, students get to place the different places on the map and create their own city. This can be a good opportunity to practice what each place is. What you can you do/buy there? How do you spell it? Do you go there often? etc

Then a student/team place the red starting point on the map and choose where they want the other team/student to go. This version allows for additional practice of vocabulary and customisation of the map to allow students to make it their own.

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