Irregular Verb Challenge

  Irregular Verb Challenge is a simple game that can be used as a no prep warmer/cooler in class to practice irregular English verbs with your students. This game can be played a number of different ways.
  • How many can each team get correct in a row – teams take turns to see how many irregular verbs they can get correct in a row. The team with the most correct answers win! This is a great way to start class and get students thinking.
  • Elimination – last student standing. Each student is given one verb. If they answer correctly they continue, if they are wrong they are eliminated. The last student standing is the winner!
  • Quick fire round – In teams, students have to answer as many as they can in a fixed amount of time (e.g 1 minute). The team with the most correct answers in the time limit are the winners.
  • Irregular Verb Bingo – Students write down 6 irregular verbs that they know in the past or past participle form. When their word appears on the screen they mark the verb on their sheet. Just remember to write down the verbs that are called out.
Have you got some other ways you could use this tool? Leave a comment below with your ideas! Enjoy and have fun
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