ESL Random Letter Generator – Alphabet Generator A – Z

Generate random letters from the alphabet using this random letter generator. This generator can be used in a number of different games in the classroom. Some ideas on how you can use this include:

Alphabet scavenger hunt

Generate a random letter and then have students look around the classroom (or their room at home if they are online) and find an object that begins with that letter.

Stop the Bus / Scattagories 

List a number of categories e.g animals, places, countries etc and have students write one word per category. The first to write a word for all of the categories are the winners. Read about this game here or play the online version of scattagories here

Shout out

In teams students have to shout or whisper a word that starts with the letter generated. The first to say a word wins that round. Read about this game here. 

How are you using the random letter generator? Share your ideas below in the comments.