Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a fun ESL warmer or cooler that can be used in class to get your students speaking in English. This game contains over 100 questions which are hand picked to get students speaking and engaged in the activity. We regularly add new questions so this activity can be used again and again and you will always find new questions.

How to Play Would You Rather

This activity can be done a number of difference ways.

  1. Students work in pairs

Put students in pairs or have them change pairs for every question. The students discuss which they would rather and explain why. After, have some students explain their choice and compare their answer with someone who have a different opinion.

2.   As a class
Display the questions as a group and have the students think and explain what they would rather and why. This way can be less time consuming than the previous method. This way works better with groups who are more confident with the teacher and the group.

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