Question Unscramble

Question Unscramble is a fun interactive way to practice questions formation using a range of grammatical forms. Select from 17 different grammatical forms and have your students reorder the question correctly and then answer the question. This activity is a great way to allow freer practice when studying grammar with over 140 interesting questions to get your students speaking.

New questions and grammar topics will be added regularly. Currently you can choose from these 17 different grammar topics.

Question Unscramble Grammar topics covered:

Zero Conditional
First Conditional
Second Conditional
Adverbs of Frequency
Can (Ability)
Adjectives ‘ed’ and ‘ing’
Adverbs of Manner
How Often
‘How’ Questions
Modals of Possibility Might and Could
Passive Voice
Present Continuous
Present Perfect Continuous
Simple Past
Used to

How to use this game

  • Play Question Unscramble as a warmer to review grammar topics and get your students speaking and using English.

  • Use this game after learning new grammar as a way to practice the grammar in a freer less controlled way.

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