ESL Warmers & Coolers

ESL Warmers and Coolers for young learners, teens and adults Here you will find a number of ESL warmers and coolers that can be used with young learners, teens and even adults. Warmers are an important part of any lesson as they set the tone for the rest of class and help students settle into speaking English. Warmers generally should only take five minutes of class time. During warmer or cooler activities it is not essential to correct students. The focus here should be to allow students time to adjust to class and get them focused from other distractions. Verbictionary  (Young learners and teens) ESL Tongue Twisters(Young learners, teens and adults) Change Seats If – (Young learners and teens) What can you remember? – (Young learners) Enigma (young learners 10+, teens, and adults) Finish the Quote (Teens and adults) Brain Breaks (Young learners and teens) Vocabulary Circle  (Young learners, teens and adults) How many things… (Young learners and teens) Boredom Buster (Young learners and teens) The Story (Young learners and teens) Creating curiosity in the classroom (Young learners and teens) 5 Ways To Use Music In The ESL Classroom (Young learners and teens) How To Use Wordles In The Classroom (teens) ESL Telegram (Young learners and teens) ESL Creativity Activity (teens) Numbers in my Life – (teens and adults) Yes, No, Stand up (Young Learners) What is it? (Young learners) Finish the thought (teens and adults) Sentence Starters – Teens and adults) Talk about the photo (Teens and older young learners) Tongue Twister Broken Telephone (Young learners, teens and adults) Dictogloss Tongue Twister(Young Learners, teens and adults) Find more warmers and coolers on our YouTube Channel