Jokes Bot – Random Joke Generator

Teaching can be a stressful job and so can being a student. We don’t always have time to have a laugh in class so this random joke generator aims to make that a little simpler. Jokes Bot, a random joke Generator tells you or your students random jokes. Choosing from a collection of over 600 light hearted jokes ideal for the classroom, it is sure to give you and your students a much needed laugh.

Jokes Bot is suitable for intermediate and above level students. The jokes are spoken and printed on the screen which can help to discuss the joke’s meaning with students and have them retell the jokes.

How to use jokes in the classroom

Warmer/cooler – Start class with a random joke. This can be a way to engage students with real English. Talk about the joke. Why is it funny? Why is it not funny? This is a great way to work on comprehension.

Translation – translate the joke into their own language. Is the joke effective in their language. What changes need to be made to make it work?

Retell the joke – Joke bot’s delivery is, well, robotic. Can your students say the joke and deliver the pun better than Joke bot? This is a great way to work on intonation and pronunciation and give students some great jokes to use outside of the classroom.

Some further reading: Cruz, M. P. (2019). Dealing with jokes in the ESL class: a pedagogical proposal centred on comprehension. Letrônica, 12(4), e36113.

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