Valentine’s Day Board Game

Valentine’s Day Board Game

Use this interactive board game to practice and discuss questions about Valentine’s Day. 

How to play

Students take turns rolling the dice and moving their piece along the board. When a student lands on a square they need to talk about the Valentine’s Day questions. The first student to reach the finish square is the winner of the game.

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3 ESL Valentine’s Day Activities – In this post you will find three activities for teens and adults. In the first activity, students watch a video describing the origins of Valentines Day. Students watch the short video and find out  key information about the day.  The second activity uses infographics,  students read and discover interesting facts about Valentine’s Day. Finally, you will find a number of speaking questions to get students speaking about Valentine’s Day.

Guess the Valentine’s Day Idiom – In this warmer / cooler activity for teens and adults, students need to guess the Valentine’s Day idiom. This challenging activity is a simple and fun way to introduce students to idioms and expressions related to Valentine’s Day.

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