Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a versatile game that can be used in any classroom with any subject. Students all over the world are familiar with how to play it and even if they don’t it is such a simple game to learn it is always a go to game in the classroom. To play this game in class you need to divide your class into two groups (X and O). Use the tic-tac-toe board game above as the basis for your game. You can use it as is or you can modified by writing on the squares to make the game meet your learning objectives. For example, you could write a verb in the square and the students need to say what the verb is in the past. One student from side X will choose one of the verbs and say what the verb is in the past tense. If they are correct you click that square and assign it to the X team. Then O go next. The first team to get 3 in a row win the game.

Ideas to use Tic Tac Toe in class

  • Possessives
  • Math Problems
  • Pronunciation
  • Definitions of vocabulary
  • Speaking 
  • Grammar
  • Sentence Construction
  • Question forming
  • Word Formation – Adjectives to adverbs, verbs to nouns etc
  • Reading – Place reading comprehension questions in the squares and play after a reading
The list is virtually endless with this game.

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