ESL Bomb Game

ESL Bomb Game

ESL Bomb is a simple way to bring a little fun and excitement when revising material or playing games with your students. This activity can be used with quizzes, while revising, correcting homework and so on. If students get an answer correct they can choose one of the squares. If they get a number they collect that amount of points however, if they get a ‘bomb’ they lose all of their points. This scoring system is especially useful in mixed ability classes as the element of chance brought by this scoring system ensures that all students have an equal chance winning regardless of their level.

Level: All levels and ages
  1. Project the interactive game on the board.
  2. When students or their teams answer a question they may select one of the 9 squares.
  3. If a student/team selects a square with points they collect those points. If they select a square with a bomb they lose all their points.
  4. The team with the most amount of points when all the squares are selected are the winner.

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