Learning Names

Learning Names

Learning Names is a great way to introduce yourself in the first class with young learners. In this activity the teacher uses objects that spell out their name. Students have to say what the objects are and guess the teacher’s name. This is a simple but effective icebreaker that is sure to be a success with all groups.

Aim: Introduce teacher and students’ names, icebreaker

Level: Young learners

Time: 10 – 15 minutes


  1. Draw on the board as many objects as there are letters in your name. The first letter of each object must be a letter in your name. For example, for “David”,  you would get pictures of the following items; Dice, Dog  Video, Igloo, Apple.

  2. Have students tell you the name of each object and write them on the board

  3. After, students have to try and put the words into the correct order to guess what your name is. Alternatively you can have students write their own name with objects and have their partners/class guess the name of the student.

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