ESL Story Dice Online

ESL Story Dice Online is an interactive way to practice writing/story telling with your students.

How to use ESL Story Dice Online

The Standard Method

You get a student to roll the cubes and then they must link all the pictures together through the use of a spontaneous story. Begin with ‘Once Upon a Time’ and tell a story that links together all the Dice images. Start with the first image to grab your attention. Use three cubes for the beginning, three for the middle and three for the end of the story if using the 9 dice. Really, there are no rules to this game. Most importantly, there are no wrong answers!

Review Grammar Forms

If you have been focusing on grammar in your class, you can use the story dice to help creatively review the key grammar from the lesson. Roll the story dice and have students pick two of them. Then in pairs or groups get students to write their own example of the grammar using the images on the dice. This works well in free grammar practice. Be sure to correct any mistakes in the target grammar.

Random Discussion Topic

Roll the dice and choose one of the die to talk about a topic. For example, in this case the topic could be ‘travel’ or ‘aeroplanes’ and so on.

Group Story

Start the story with “Once upon a time…” then roll the dice and have each student choose a die and tell a part of the story.

Create a character

– Roll the dice and use the resulting images to help kids create a unique character for a story. They can choose one image to represent the character’s appearance, one to represent their personality, and one to represent their occupation or hobby.

Practice vocabulary

– Use the dice to help kids practice new vocabulary words. Have them roll the dice and then use the resulting images to create a sentence using the new word.

Improvise a scene

– Use the dice to inspire an improvisational scene. Have kids roll the dice and then act out a scene that includes all of the resulting images.

Write a poem

– Have kids roll the dice and use the resulting images to inspire a poem. Encourage them to use figurative language and creative word choice to bring their poem to life.

Create a scene description

– Use the dice to help kids practice descriptive writing. Have them roll the dice and then use the resulting images to write a detailed description of a scene.

Design a game

– Have kids roll the dice and use the resulting images to inspire the creation of a new game. Encourage them to come up with unique rules and objectives for their game.

Brainstorm ideas – Use the dice to help kids brainstorm ideas for a project or assignment. Have them roll the dice and use the resulting images to come up with as many ideas as possible related to the project or assignment.


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