Student Vs Teacher Online

Student V’s Teacher is a simple turn based game that can be used as a way to gamify your class. The idea of the game is very simple. Each player has to collect different school themed “weapons” in order to “attack” the other player. The more effective the weapon, the greater the damage caused to the opponent.

How to use this game in class

There are number of ways you could use this game to motivate students in class.

Answering Questions

Gamify you classes by having students complete a task, for example a reading or a grammar exercise. After the students have completed the task they then compare their answers in groups. Give them some time to work out if they agree with their teammates or not. Then, have each group check if they are correct or not. If students answer a question correctly, they are allowed to move up to 3 spaces in one turn. If they answer incorrectly you should restrict their movement to one space which does not have a “weapon”. You can have students play against each other or have the class be against the teacher.

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