Random Tongue Twister Generator

Random Tongue Twister Generator

Use this tool to randomly generate over 200 tongue twisters for use in class.

Why use Tongue Twisters?

Tongue Twisters can be a great way to practice pronunciation and fluency but they can also be used to practice speaking, reading and writing. Below you will find a number of activities to make the most of tongue twisters in class.

Illustrate it

Read out shorter tongue twisters and have students illustrate them and then have students show their work. Then have students practice saying the tongue twister.

Dictogloss Activity

This activity works better with higher level students. A dictogloss activity is essentially is an activity where students hear a text, or in this case a tongue twister. Without making notes, they have to try and remember what they heard and the write it down. Next, they compare with other students to try and recreate the tongue twister.

Running Dictation

Print out tongue twisters and post them up around the classroom. Divide the class into teams. Teams of 2 or 3 work best. Explain that only one student may go to the tongue twister at a time. They have to read and then come back to their team who write the tongue twister down.

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