ESL Family Fortunes

ESL Family Fortunes

This game is a bit of fun and a good way to practice lexical sets of vocabulary. Its based on the popular U.K quiz show “Family Fortunes”. As in the orignal programme 100 people have been asked a number of questions. Their answers have been ranked 1 – 4. The team posed with the question have to guess what was the most popular answer to the question to score the highest points. I have used this game with teens and they have really enjoyed it. Activity Time:  15 – 20 mins + Materials required: Printable sheet click here Number of students: 2 + Skills practiced: Listening, speaking and Vocabulary. Level: Intermediate and above Method: 1. Print out the prepared sheet . As the picture above you can cut out each group of questions and attach them to card to give the a nice finish and laminate them so you can reuse them in the future with other groups. 2. This game can be done in a number of ways. I usually just pose the question to 2 – 3 teams and the first to buzz are allowed to give their answer. You can score each team from 1 – 4 points for each correct answer. The first answer on each sheet being the highest points. 3. This game can be used well with “Bomb” as a scoring system if you like. As usual any comment or feedback are welcomed and encouraged. Please let me know any ideas or suggestions you have and let others know your ideas and opinions. I hope this game serves you well! View Download Based on the U.K T.V programme and adapted for the ESL classroom by me.
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  1. Would love to try play this game but I am unable to download the attachment due to no access to google, is there another place I can get the attachment from?

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