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ESL Game_ Tongue Twister Running Dictation

Tongue Twister Running Dictation

Tongue Twister Running Dictation is a simple activity to practice reading, writing and speaking skills with ESL students. In this activity, students work in pairs or teams to read a tongue twister and then run to their partner who has to write the tongue twister. This activity is a great way to get students out of […]

Dictogloss Tongue Twister

Dictogloss Tongue Twister

Dictogloss Tongue Twister is a fun warmer/cooler that can be used with young learners, teens and even adults. During Dictogloss Tongue Twister, students listen to the teacher saying a tongue twister. Then, students must rewrite the tongue twister and later, in pairs/groups, use their notes to recreate the full tongue twister. Later, students can practice saying the tongue twister. […]

Yes, No, Maybe

Yes, No, Maybe is a simple speaking activity that is great fun for young learners and even teens. Level: Young learners, teens A2 + Materials needed: A set of vocabulary cards. These can be flashcards or you can create your own. A set of fruit flashcards are available below. Method To start, first print out […]