Tongue Twister Running Dictation

Tongue Twister Running Dictation

Tongue Twister Running Dictation is a simple activity to practice reading, writing and speaking skills with ESL students. In this activity, students work in pairs or teams to read a tongue twister and then run to their partner who has to write the tongue twister. This activity is a great way to get students out of their chairs and having some fun while practicing key skills. Aim: Practice reading, writing and speaking skills Level: All levels 8 years +


1. Divide your class into small groups (of two-three students is perfect) 2. Put tongue twisters on the wall around the classroom (as many tongue twisters as there are groups). 3. Explain that one person at a time can run to a tongue twister and then run back to the table. The person at the table then writes down the tongue twister as the runner told them. Extension: Have students say the full tongue twister 3 times correctly before they are declared the winners! Click the download button to find a printable list of tongue twisters that can be used with this activity.
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