ESL Warmer: Name 10

ESL Warmer: Name 10

Name 10 is a simple warmer/cooler get students focused at the beginning or end of class. In this activity students have to work in pairs or individually and write a list of ten things based on what the teacher says. This activity is particularly useful to practice sets of vocabulary with students  in class. 

Activity time: 5 – 10 minutes for two rounds

Level: teens and adults (A2 +)

Skills practiced: Vocabulary

Materials needed: Pencil and paper for each student or group of students.

ESL Warmer: Name 10
ESL Warmer: Name 10

  1. Put students in pairs or small groups and give them a piece of paper and a pencil.
  2. The teacher lists a category (e.g name 10 sports that use a ball) and the students try and write as many as they can that matches the category.
  3. The first pair or group to complete ten first, read out their answers to the other students in the class.  If their answers are correct they win that round.
  4. Continue by choosing another category.
Some ideas you can use: Name 10…

green fruit of vegetables.

sports that use a ball.

sports that are played by two or less people.

places you can buy food.

animals that lay eggs.

fun things to do on a Saturday.

jobs wear you wear a uniform.
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