ESL Tongue Twister Race

ESL Tongue Twister Race

Tongue Twister Race is a fun activity for young learners. In this activity you need to choose a tongue twister. It’s best to choose a tongue twister that practices words your students have difficulty with. You can find a list of tongue twisters here to practice with your students.

To play, first students practice a tongue twister which you have written on the board. In teams, students first practice with each other in preparation for the game. When your students have had 2 or 3 minutes to practice the tongue twister they then stand up in two lines. The first team must say the tongue twister one student at a time as the teacher times them. When the last student has said the tongue twister correctly the teacher stops the timer and writes the total time for the time on the board. Next, the second team goes and tries to beat the first teams time. You can repeat the activity to see which team gets the fastest score over two or three rounds.

Aim To practice pronunciation
Level Beginners and above. Young learners
Equipment needed A timer


  1. First, choose a tongue twister you want to practice with your students. 
  2. Write the tongue twister on the board and first practice the tongue twister with the students and then have them practice in pairs for 2 – 3 minutes.
  3. Next, have students line up in two teams.
  4. Let the first team say the tongue twister one student at a time and see how long it takes them to say the tongue twister correctly as a team. After, write the total time taken on the board.
  5. Now the second team says the tongue twister, one student at a time as quickly as they can.
  6. The team who says the tongue twister quicker, wins.
  7. Repeat for one or two rounds and see if the teams can improve their time.
Alternative ideas: Which team can say the tongue twister within a certain amount of time.
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