ESL Energiser: Would You Rather

ESL Energiser: Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a fun energiser that can be a great way to refresh your students when they need a break. In this activity, one side of the room means the first option and the other means side means the other option. The teacher or student asks a ‘would you rather’ question, such as “Would you rather go skiing or go to a water park?” and the students move to one of the two sides of the room depending which they prefer.

Activity time:
 From 2 minutes and above

teens and adults

ESL Energiser: Would You Rather
ESL Energiser: Would You Rather


  1. Tell your students to stand up in the centre of the room.
  2. Ask the students one of the would you rather questions (see below).
  3. Students move to one end of the room or the other to show what their choice would be.
  4. Have some of your students explain why.

Check out our new interactive online game to practice would you rather questions here. Ideal for teens and adults.

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