ESL Game: Sound Charades

ESL Game: Sound Charades

Sound Charades is a super fun game for young learners but could be also used with other levels. This version of charades is played the same as the original but in this version you can only make sounds. Students can either write their own or used the prepared cards. A student from the class selects a card and must imitate the sound of the object. The other students in class must guess what the object is. The student who guesses correctly then goes next. 

Activity time: 10 minutes +
Materials required: Blank pieces of paper OR Vocabulary cards (see below for examples)
Skills practiced: Vocabulary practice
Level: Young learners (could be used with other levels)


  1. First, you can get students to write up their own cards or use the printable cards.
  2. A student selects a card with the name of an object on it.
  3. That player then has to imitate the sound that objects make.
  4. The other players have to guess the objected that is being imitated.
  5. The player who guess correctly goes next.  

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