ESL Blankety Blank

ESL Blankety Blank

ESL Game Blankety Blank

Blankety Blank  is a simple end of class speaking activity for teens and adults. This activity works well with intermediate and above levels. In this game students have to guess a word that finishes a sentence and try to have the same answer as other students in the class. If they guess the same word as the other students on the panel they get a point. The player with the most points at the end is the winner!

Activity time: 10 minutes + Materials required: List of sentences below. Skills practiced: Speaking and vocabulary skills Level: Teens and adults Intermediate and above


  1. To follow the format of the original game, you need two players and six panelists though you can change this number as needed.
  2. Show the players a question such as “Ana is a great student as she’s always BLANK.” (see below for sample sentences.)
  3. Player 1 writes their answer and then the panel write their answers on a piece of paper or a mini whiteboard. Player 1 then shows their answers and you check what the panel have written.
  4. For every match that player 1 has to the panel they get one point.
  5. Repeat for player 2. The winner is the person who has the most points. After, change players and continue the game

Some Sample Sentences 

Ana is a great student as she’s always BLANK. Josef loves his job because he gets to BLANK his patients. In my opinion, Anh is always BLANK in class. I love the smell of BLANK in the morning! Luis needs to relax because he gets too BLANK too easily. Many people think that toilet cleaning is the worst job, but the worst job is actually the person that has to BLANK. We weren’t able to do the English homework because we had to BLANK. We weren’t able to do the English homework because we had to BLANK. My neighbour had a stressful day, so I told her it would be relaxing to BLANK the dog. The Pope was shocked when he saw the vicars BLANK to each other. I was at the beach ready to go swimming when I was put off by the BLANK. Enrique doesn’t come to class on Fridays because he likes to BLANK. Raul was BLANK because he didn’t win. The president surprised the people when he told them to BLANK. In my opinion, we need a BLANK to learn English better in class. John couldn’t do his homework last night because he was BLANK. I have never BLANK in my life, but I think it would be great Encarna likes BLANK with her friends at the weekend. Nacho doesn’t pay attention in class because he’s always BLANK. I fell over this morning and broke my arm.  My wife said she’d preferred it if I’d broken my BLANK. Sometimes I wake up too early, but instead of getting out of bed I usually like to BLANK. I need to remember to BLANK before I leave the class today.
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