ESL Game: Verbictionary

ESL Game: Verbictionary

Verbictionary is a variation of the classic game pictionary. In this version, students are split into two teams. One member from each team is shown a verb by the teacher. Next, the two students must draw a picture to represent the verb. The first team to guess the verb correctly are the winners. After, another two students become the drawers and are given a different verb. 

This game is one of my personal favourites and is always popular with students. Continue reading below for more detailed instructions and find the printable verb card.

Aim: To Practice Verbs

Level: Young Learners 10 + , teen and adults (A1+)
Materials: Chalk or whiteboard, list of verbs below

  1. Divide your class into two teams.
  2. One member from each team comes to the board and is the drawer for the team.
  3. The teacher tells or shows the two ‘drawers’ a verb. When the teacher tells them to start, they must draw anything that represents the verb.
  4. The first team to shout the correct verb wins that point.
  5. Continue with two new ‘drawers’ until one team is the winner.
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