ESL Passive Voice Activity

ESL Passive Voice Activity

ESL Passive Voice Activity

It can be hard to find entertaining activities while teaching the passive voice. This post will look at one interesting way you can get your ESL students to practice the passive

voice in a real and practical way. This activity is especially good at show a practical time when the passive is used in the English language.

This activity is based on the show “How it’s made”. In this show it explains how different things are made giving step by step instructions. Its perfect for the passive and you can find thousands of different items that your students will be familiar with. For this activity I have chosen how Coca Cola is made.

1. Give your students a copy of the handout.
2.  Tell your students to look at the images and decide what order they should be in.
3. Show students the video and get them to check if they have the pictures in the correct order.

Stop Video at 3:08 mins.

4. Focus the students on the text prompts below the pictures. Pre teach key vocabulary e.g caps, syrup etc. Elicit from your students how to present passive is formed. (Subject + Verb “to be” in the present tense and the past participle.) Now get the students to write the instructions in the passive form.
Teachers answer sheet

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