Comparative and Superlative Activities

Comparative and Superlative Activities

This weeks post looks at comparative and superlative activities for teenagers. It can be difficult to find ways to introduce comparatives and superlatives to teens, as the thoughts of grammar usually makes them less than motivated. I have found that this way can be a great way to introduce comparatives and superlatives in a fun and “cool” way!
This lesson uses Daft Punks “Harder Better Faster” and is a better alternative to the Kayne West version as it contains no bad language etc.


1. Before class, print a copy of the lyrics and cut the verses up.
2. Put students in groups and explain that they are going to listen to a song and you want them to organise the lyrics into the correct order.

Note: The lyrics start from around 0:30 and the set of printed lyrics ends at 2:30

3. As they listen to the song, students organise the lyrics into the correct order.
4. After they have listened to the song ask the students to underline the comparatives they can find in the lyrics. If they have not studied them before give them an example and ask them to find more examples.
5. After this it could be a good opportunity to look at the superlatives. Ask the students to write the superlative form of the words that they have underlined.
Get students to write the base form of the adjective and the superlative form.
6. Now get the students using and practicing by making comparative sentences and then using the superlative.

Download the Handout

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