Who am I?

Who am I?

ESL Who am I? Speaking game, teens and adults, ESL Crime Speaking activity
“Who am I?” is a game that is sure to get your ESL students speaking and having fun. This simple activity is easily prepared and is always enjoyed by teen students. This activity is a great addition to units talking about popular culture or a great way to get students interested in speaking. 

Activity Time: 10 mins +

Materials required: A copy of the printable. One card per student. Download

Skills practiced: speaking, question forming.

Level: Lower intermediate + adults and teens


1. There are two ways this activity can be played.

Version 1 Each student gets a card with a name of a famous person. They must not tell anyone who is on their card. Tell the students that they are at a party and they must go around the room asking each other questions to find out their identity. When they discover someone’s identity, they keep that person’s card. The person with the most cards is the winner.

Version 2 In this version, a student picks a random card. They sit or stand in front of the class and the other students ask questions to find out who they are. Put students into teams to make the game more competitive and fun. The team who guesses the most names, wins.

Note: Choose cards that you think your students will have an interest in. The cards I have created include the most popular and well known international celebrities. Add local celebrities to make the game more personal.

[gview file=”https://eslkidsgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/ESL-Kids-Games-Celebrity-ID-Cards.pdf”]

Post activity ideas 
  • Ask the students which celebrity they would like to be and why.
  • Ask the students to put the celebrities in order of how famous they are. Get them to do this this in groups and then compare.
  • Ask them to decide who will still be famous in ten years time. Why do they think this etc
  • Ask them what celebrities they have met.
  • If they could meet any celebrity, who would they like to meet and what would they say to them?
  • Ask them would they like to be famous? Why / why not?

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