Describe and Draw

Describe and Draw

Describe and draw ESL game in the classroom.
Describe and Draw in the classroom.
Describe and draw is yet another activity/game that I have had great success with. This allows students to practice listening and speaking skills alongside practice of prepositions and giving as much detail as they can in English.

I have used this with all levels and all ages from young learners to adults. This post is more suitable for teens and adults but I will be following up with one more suitable for kids.

Activity Time:  15 – 20 mins +
Materials required: Printable sheets click here
Number of students: 2 +
Skills practiced: Listening, speaking and Vocabulary.
Level: All levels

Method: 1. Print out the free printable or choose some images of your own. (I have chosen images that I have taken around the world which teens find interesting as a post activity conversation where they ask questions about the images.) I would recommend laminating these images as they can be used with other groups and later used on the classroom wall for other activities.
2. In each group or pair one student is given the image. Before you give them the image, tell them they they must not show the other students their picture.
3. Explain that they must describe in as much details the image they are given to their group/partner and their partner must draw the image. You can give them a set amount of time. I usually give about 10 mins.
4. After the groups/pairs have completed their pictures, collect them or get them to show them to the class. Then you can put them on the board and the class vote of the best image. Ask them why the pictures deserve to win etc.
5. An optional post activity activity it to talk about the pictures they have just seen. I have found this particular good conversation starter for my groups. It also can be a good opportunity to talk about other cultures and compare that from their own. I have included image details if you wish to do the post activity discussion. I have also included some example questions. I used this activity as a preparation for students preparing for Trinity Exams.

Note: I will be posting follow up versions of this activity for young learners etc. If however you would like to make your own I would reccomend or similar websites where you can get images from the news and get students to talk about current events etc. If you would like to share your own creations/leave feedback or suggestions please leave a comment. Enjoy!

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