ESL Bomb Game

ESL Bomb Game

I have been using this game with great success with a wide range of ESL students. From young learners (8 years up) to adults and all have enjoyed this game and have requested it again and again. It’s a simple game to introduce to students and because of the “chance” nature of the game it ensures that not the same strong students in the class win all the games. This game can be used in many different ways and there are some suggestions below. 


1.     Print out the following five pages.

2.    Cut out each card and sick them to colored card paper. I would suggest laminating these cards if you can as you will find these cards can be used in number of different games and activities.

 How to play:

1.     Place the cards on the board. Either in a numbered line along the bottom or in sets of three.

2.   Students select the number or tell you the position of the card using prepositions etc.

3.    Reveal the card slowly to create some tension!

4.    If the students get points this is added to their points. If they hit a bomb they loose all their points. There are three blank cards included in the set that you can leave blank and no points are awarded or you can add your own ideas i.e. teacher gets 100 points!

I use this game when I play quizzes with my students. Every time each team or each student answered one or two questions correctly they choose a card. The team with the most points wins.  After a long class this game can be a good reward for good work in class.

Note: You can tell the students the number of bombs this can make the game more interesting if they find all but one of the bombs.

You can use the cards as any scoring system for any game you play in class. Most groups enjoy the risk factor of the game and it makes any game interesting.

Experiment and see what works for you. I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

Board Layout suggestions:

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