ESL Warmer: Draw me Something

ESL Warmer: Draw me Something

Draw me Something is a simple activity that can be used as a way of starting a lesson on articles but can be adapted for other grammar points such as dependant prepositions.

Activity time: 5 minutes

Level: teens and adults (A2 +)

Skills practiced: Speaking, listening 

Materials needed: Pencil and paper for each pair of students.


  1. Put the class in pairs, A and B. Tell them that they will be giving each other a series of instructions to draw various simple pictures.
  2. Give each pair the handouts below, making sure each pair has one copy of A and one of B, which they keep secret from each other. They take it in turns to read out the descriptions of each picture and draw what they hear.
  3. When they have finished, get the students to compare their pictures with their partners and look at the sentences they read out.

Handout for student A (find a printable version below)

Student A

Tell your partner to draw these pictures:

a room with a glass on the door

a man buying paper.
a boy with egg on his head.
a girl with a long hair.
a cat on TV.
a bowl with an apple in it.

Student B

Tell your partner to draw these pictures:

a bowl with an apple in it.
a room with a door with a girl with long hair on it.
a boy with an egg on his head

a man buying a paper
a cat on a TV

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