ESL Game: Quick Draw

ESL Game: Quick Draw

Quick Draw is a simple activity to review vocabulary with your students. In this activity students are put in teams. They are then given a fixed amount of time (e.g 2 minutes) to draw as many words as they can. They must have their team say the word before they can move on to the next word. Allow teams to skip words that they find difficult but make a note of these words and have students review them after the activity. The team who gets the most words in the time are the winners.

Activity time:  5 minutes +

Level: Teens and adults and young learners (All levels)

Skills practiced: Vocabulary


  1. Divide students into teams.
  2. One student from the first team comes to the board to draw. The teacher shows only that student the word on the card.
  3. Next, the teacher says ‘go’. The student then begins to draw what word is on their card and tries to get his/her team to say the word. As soon as the team says the word the teacher shows the person another word. They should continue until their time is up.
  4. After, the total correct words are counted and are awarded to the team.
  5. The next team then comes up and have to draw as many words as possible in the time.
  6. The team with the most points are the winners.

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