Quiz Question Challenge

Quiz Question Challenge

ESL Game: Quiz Question Challenge
ESL Game: Quiz Question Challenge
Quiz Question Challenge is a simple activity to practice question formation with your students. In this activity students practice question formation by playing a quiz. Instead of asking students questions, the teacher tells students the answer and the students have to guess what the question is.

It is best to choose questions based on recent vocabulary and topics covered in previous classes

Activity time:  10 minutes +
Level: Young learners, teens and adults  (A1 +)
Skills practiced: Speaking and question forming


  1. Put students into teams of 2/3/4.
  2. Next, read out the answer aloud to the students.
  3. In their teams students must guess what the question is.
  4. Award two points for getting the question exactly right and 1 point for questions that make sense. For example, the answer could be “10” the correct answer would be “How many students are there in the class?” while  one point would be awarded if the question was correct but wasn’t the correct answer for example “How old is Richard?”

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