ESL Warmer: Spin the marker

ESL Warmer: Spin the marker

Spin the marker  is a speaking activity that is a great way to allow free speaking practice in the class. Sometimes students just want a chance to talk and express themselves in an unstructured way and this activity can be a great way to encourage this type of speaking practice. This activity is best used with teens and adults who have a intermediate level or above.

Start by placing a marker on the ground or on a table. The marker is spun and whoever the marks stop at must decide what the conversation will be about. They can suggest a topic or ask a question to the class. With lower levels it is advised to have a list of topics on the board to give students ideas.

Activity time:  5 minutes +
Level:  Teens and Adults  (B1 +)
Skills practiced: Speaking


  1. Place a marker on the ground or on the table. Whoever the marker points to, can dictate the conversation. This student can ask questions or suggest a topic that they want the class to talk about.
  2. Finally, when the conversation has run its course spin the marker again and have another student choose the conversation.

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