ESL Game: Pass the Marker

ESL Game: Pass the Marker

Pass the marker is a fun activity that just requires a marker and a whiteboard. In this activity, students form two lines in front of the board. Starting from the back of the line the first students say a word and then the next student. The student last in the line must repeat all the words said by the students in their line and then write them on the board. The first student to write all the words on the board and spell them correctly wins that round. The teacher should monitor that all the words are correct for each group. You can choose words from a category that they have studied recently or seen in class. This activity is a great way to recycle vocabulary and practice spelling with words.

Activity time:
 5 minutes +
Level: Young learners and teens  (A1 +)
Skills practiced: Speaking, listening and spelling.


  1. Get students to line up in front of the board in two even teams.
  2. Explain to students that they should say a word and then the next student in line says a word until the last person in the line.
  3. The last person should repeat all the words that were said by the students behind them and then write all the words on the board.
  4. The team whose writer writes all the words correctly first wins the round.
  5. Repeat with the next student in the line.
  6. Finally, the team with the most points wins the game.

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