ESL Speaking Activity: Positive, Negative and Interesting

ESL Speaking Activity: Positive, Negative and Interesting

Positive, Negative and Interesting is a quick speaking activity that works well with adults and teens. In this activity, the teacher tells the students an idea. The students then analyse the idea by discussing the positive, negative and interesting aspects of the idea. This activity is a great way to get students to think creatively and critically about ideas and express their opinions.

Activity time: 5 – 10 minutes and above
Level: teens and adults (Intermediate and above)
Skills practiced: Speaking. (Conditionals, comparatives, making suggestions.)

ESL Speaking Activity :Positive, Ne...
ESL Speaking Activity :Positive, Negative and Interesting


  1. Put students in either pairs, groups or as a class.
  2. Explain to students that they need to think about the positive, negative and interesting points of an idea.
  3. Show the students an idea statement (see list/presentation below) and give them some time to think of some positive, negative and interesting aspects of the idea.

Statement Ideas

Police officers should not carry guns.

People should only be allowed to eat meat once a week.

There should be an extra tax on unhealthy food.

Life would be better without government or rules.

The government has the right to monitor phone calls and emails.

All children should have the right to vote.

All students should speak only English in school.

Teachers should be able to use physical punishment.

All cars should be banned from the centres of all cities.

Everyone should receive the same income.

Statement Ideas Presentation

Variation: Show students pictures of different products and inventions. Ask them to assess the invention.

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