ESL Speaking Activity: Picture Profiles

ESL Speaking Activity: Picture Profiles

Picture Profiles is a simple speaking activity that is a great way to practice describing people’s physical appearance and personality. In this activity, students work in pairs and look at a portrait photo of a person and describe the person’s appearance and build a profile of that person using a number of categories.

Activity time: 10 minutes and above
Level: teens and adults (Lower-intermediate and above)
Skills practiced: Speaking, describing physical appearance and personality


  1. Put students into pairs and explain that they are going to view some pictures of people. 
  2. In pairs, the students should describe the person’s appearance and build a profile of the person by using the following categories: Name, Nationality, Age, Profession, Likes/Dislikes, Life Goals and Ambitions and 3 words to describe the person’s character. You can use the prepared Powerpoint and printable handout below.
  3. When they are finished, the groups can share their ideas and discuss their choices.

Picture Profiles Presentation


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