ESL Directions Game: Ship In The Fog

ESL Directions Game: Ship In The Fog

Ship in the Fog is a fun and simple way to practice directions with your students. In this activity students make an obstacle course in the classroom. After, a blindfolded student must complete the obstacle course while being given directions verbally by the other students.

Activity time:
5 minutes and above 
Young learners, teens.

ESL Directions Game: Ship In The Fog
ESL Directions Game: Ship In The Fog


  1. Get students to make an obstacle course using items in the classroom. For example they could use the chairs or desks.
  2. In pairs or teams, one student wears a blindfold while their partner gives them directions to get through the course.
  3. The fastest team to complete the obstacle course are the winners!
  4. If you don’t have much classroom space. You can use a printed maze. See below.

If you don’t have a lot of space you could use a printed maze. Play the activity in the same way but instead the blindfolded student must draw their way out of the maze. See the printable for a sample Maze.

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