ESL Game: Eleven

ESL Game: Eleven

Eleven  is a fun warmer or cooler for young learners. In this activity students practice counting to eleven. Students sit in a circle and count to eleven with one student saying one number at a time. Whichever student counts eleven is out. The next round starts with the person to the left of the person who is out. Before every round all students change their place in the circle and then the next round starts. The winner is the last student left.    

Aim: Practice counting  
Level: Very young learners, young learners  



  1. Get all students to sit in a circle on the floor  

  2. Players count from 1 to 11 with a different student saying a number each time. Each student must say a number in each round.  

  3. The student who counts out 11 is out.  

  4. The player to the left of the person who is out starts the counting in the next round.  

  5. Before the next round begins, all players switch places in the circle.  

  6. Keep playing until there is only one person left. That person is the winner!  



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