ESL Warmer: Class Snap

ESL Warmer: Class Snap

Class Snap is a no prep warmer that helps students get focused before starting class. In this activity, students close their eyes and collectively have to count to 20. The counting starts with the teacher saying ‘1’ and then another students continues and the class counts one person at a time. If two students say a number at the same time the counting must start again from the beginning. This activity can be used as a warmer and as well as a first class icebreaker. Can your students play Class Snap without having to start again?

Aim: To focus students at the beginning of class or to get students to cooperate as a group in a first class.

Level: All levels and all ages

Time: 5 Minutes


  1. Tell students that they must count to 20 as a class. 
  2. Students must first close their eyes. 
  3. Next, the teacher says 1 and then another student must say a 2.
  4. Students each say a number at random. If two students say the same number at the same time, the class must start again. 

Alternative Ideas: 

  • Have students work in opposing teams each team having to take a turn of saying a number. The team where two members say the number at the same time are the losers.
  • Have students say the alphabet instead of numbers.
  • Have students spell out words that the teacher tells them.
  • Use this activity as a mini break between exercises to help them focus and take a break from more difficult work.
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