ESL Game: What are they thinking?

ESL Game: What are they thinking?

What are they thinking? is a speaking activity that is great for teens or adults. In this game, students look at an image with a number of people. Each student picks one person from the picture and writes what they think the person is thinking. Later, students each take one of the thoughts written by the other student and try and match it to the person in the picture. Aim: To practice writing and speaking. Level: Intermediate + Learning Objectives:  Speculating and reasoning. Materials Needed: Photos with a group of people. See the download below for some prepared examples.


  1. Show students a picture (see download below) with a number of people in the image.
  2. Each student is given a thought/speech bubble. The students then choose one person from the picture and write on the speech bubble what the person is saying or thinking.
  3. Next, get students to exchange their speech bubbles with other students. Then the other student has to guess who the they wrote about.
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