ESL Game: Name It!

ESL Game: Name It!

Name It! is a simple reasoning game where students have to guess the keyword by listening to some clues. Each additional clue the students receive reduces the amount of points they can get. This game that can be either played cooperatively (as a class) or competitively (in teams).
ES Game: Name It!
ES Game: Name It!
Aim: To practice vocabulary and listening skills. Write their own words and clues Materials: A copy of the printable cards below Level: Teens and adults (Intermediate +) (This game can be adapted to lower levels) Time: 10 – 15 minutes + Method
  1. First, print out a copy of the Keyword cards. (see download below) 
  2. Next, put students into teams.
  3. Explain to your students that they have to guess the keyword. For each keyword there are 5 points. For every clue that the students need, they get one point less.
  4. Start with the first team. Select a card and give them the first clue. If the students guess the word correctly they get five points. If they don’t guess correctly give them the next clue. Continue until they guess the word. If they cannot guess the word allow the other team to answer.
Rules: Students can only make one guess after each clue is given.

Example of play:

Teacher selects a card with Kiwi as the keyword The teacher then tells the team the first clue, “Edible” The students guess a possible answer, “chips” As the answer is wrong the teacher continues to give the next clue “Round” The students guess again. This time they say ‘potato’. The teacher gives them another clue ‘fruit’ The students guess ‘orange’ Then the next clue is give, ‘Brown and green’. The students guess ‘Kiwi’ and then the teacher awards them 2 points. Extension: Give the teams a set of their own blank cards and get them to make a set for the other team based on words from units in their books.
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