ESL First Conditional Activities

ESL First Conditional Activities

This post looks at two ESL First conditional Activities that are perfect for teens and adults to practice the first conditional. These two activities are best used after students have been introduced to the first conditional and have had some controlled practice. The first activity, first conditional questions strips, offers freer practice while first conditional bingo encourages students to listen and match two halves of a conditional sentence.

1. First Conditional Question Strips

Grammar Focus: First Conditional
Level: Elementary to Pre-intermediate (CEFR: A1 – B1)
Time: 10 – 15 minutes

  1. Put students into pairs or groups of three.
  2. Put the printed strips face down in front of the students
  3. The students randomly select a strip and question their partners. Encourage students to ask follow-up questions and answer using the first conditional structure.

2. First Conditional Bingo

Grammar Focus: First Conditional Level: Elementary to Pre-intermediate (CEFR: A1 – B1) Time: 10 – 15 minutes
  1. First review the first conditional form with students.
  2. Print out the bingo cards.
  3. Explain that each student will be given a bingo card with six boxes. Student will need to listen carefully and if they hear two halves of first conditional sentences that match they can cross out that box on their card. Students should call ‘line’ if they complete one line and ‘bingo’ if they complete all boxes. The first to say ‘bingo’ is the winner!  
  4. Before you begin, make sure students take time to read their sentences.
  5. Do the first sentence as an example with the class.
  6. Read out the first half of the sentences below in order or in any order you want. If you do them in a different order, make a note of which sentences you use so you can check the answers later with students.
  7. When as student calls ‘Bingo’ ask the student to read out their halves of the sentences to make sure they are correct.
The first conditional sentences to read out are (remember only read the first half of the sentence!):

If I study for the exam, I will pass the test.
If I have time, I will go shopping after school.
I will drive to work, If I it rains tomorrow.
If it rains, I will bring my umbrella.
If I pass my exams, I will go to university.
If I win some money, I will buy a new car.
If the weather is nice, I will go to the park
I will go to the cinema, if there is a good movie to watch.
If I stay up late, I will be tired in the morning.
My teacher will be angry, If I don’t do my homework.
My parents will be happy, if I pass all my tests.
If I eat a lot of chocolate, I will feel sick.
I will see Big Ben, If I visit London.
If I visit London, I will learn about new cultures.

Online First Conditional Board Game

First Conditional Board Game – Practice the first conditional with this interactive online board game.

Speaking Practice

First Conditional Speaking Questions – Practice speaking with these first conditional questions.

Question Unscramble – Get your students to unscramble the first conditional questions and then answer the questions with this interactive game.

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