ESL Game: What can you remember?

ESL Game: What can you remember?

What can you remember? is a little or no-prep activity that can be used as a warmer or as an end of class game. In this activity, students look at a picture and try and remember as many details as possible about the image. After, students write as many details as they can remember in teams. The team with the most correct details wins. Below you will find more detailed instructions as well as set of photos that can be used with students.

Aim: Practice describing the contents of a picture
Level: Young learners (10 +) teens, and adults (Lower Intermediate +)
Materials: Photos showing lots of details. (See prepared download below) 

  1. First, put students in groups of 2 or 3.
  2. Next, tell the students that they are going to look at a picture for 30 seconds and that they must try and remember as many details as they can about the photo.
  3. After 30 seconds, hide the photo and get students to write as many details as they can remember about the photo.

For example:

‘There’s a man sitting on the left hand side”

“There is a cup and spoon in front of the man”.

After, get the groups to count how many details they wrote. The group who has written the most details tells the rest of the class what they have written. The other groups compare their notes. After, look at the photo and see how well the remembered the photo.

Picture Tips: Choose photos related to the topic students are studying. It’s best to choose photos that have a lot of detail or action in them. Try and choose photos that students will know the vocabulary to describe.

Want to make it more difficult?  The following image can be used to challenge your students . Click here to view.

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  1. I find it a very useful way to start a lesson with .Instead of classroom brain storming you have dividd them inot groups. Thank you so much ,I liked the idea.

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