Just a minute Christmas Challenge

Just a minute Christmas Challenge

Just a minute Christmas Challenge is a simple no-prep activity that is great for teens and adults with a B1 (intermediate +) level. Students have to describe a photo in as much detail as they can for one minute. Students are awarded points if they can keep talking for one minute and extra points if they use Christmas vocabulary that they have studied before in class.

This game can be used as a warmer or cooler during your Christmas classes to bring some Christmas joy to your classroom.

Enjoy and have a great Christmas!

If students aren’t used to describing photos the following tips will help them complete the task. All of these tips are included in the presentation:

Introduction: In this photo I can see, The photo shows…

Talk about the place: They are sitting in a café, in the city, in the mountains…

Describe position: On the right, on the left, in the middle of the photo, in the background, next to, behind, in front of…

Describe people’s age: They are in their twenties, they are about twenty…

Describe people’s clothes: They are wearing… (use one or two adjectives to describe the clothes: pattern, colour, material…)

Describe people’s actions: They are reading the newspaper, cooking… Describe people’s roles: He is probably a waiter, a student…

Describe people’s feelings: He seems sad, frightened, happy…

Your opinion: In my opinion the photo is very funny, sad, interesting…

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  1. Ruth Petit

    This is a wonderful idea. I’d like to use it for other pictures. How did you get the counting clock in the PowerPoint?

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