ESL Game Beat the Clock

ESL Game Beat the Clock

Beat the Clock is a simple ESL game to play with young learners. In this game, students need to organise flashcards into the correct order as quickly as possible. The student who organises the flashcards the quickest is the winner! This game is great for days of week, months of the year, seasons or any other group of words that can be ordered a specific way.

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How to play
  1. Give students a set of flashcards with the days of the week, the months, seasons or any other target language that can be ordered in a specific way.
  2. The student or students need to order the flashcards in to the correct order as fast as they can.
  3. Time each group or have teams or students compete at the same time. The team or student who organises the flashcards the fastest correctly is the winner!
  4. Enjoy and have fun!
Got ideas of how this game can be played? Share your ideas below in the comments.
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