The Alphabet Song

The Alphabet Song

The Alphabet song is a great way to practice the alphabet with young learners. This song is useful to get students to practice their alphabet in English. Songs can be added to class routines to make sure students remember their alphabet.  Below this video you will find a number of alphabet activities that you can use with this song.

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More alphabet activities
Discover more alphabet activities for kids. Alphabetti Spaghetti – Simple fun game to practice the alphabet with young leaners. Alphabet Race – Get students moving with this fun alphabet race activity. Alphabet Wave – Use alphabet flash cards to practice listening skills with young learners. This game is also great to practice spelling and review vocabulary with your students.
Find more other short activities for young learners and teens
Enigma (young learners 10+, teens, and adults) Finish the Quote (Teens and adults) Brain Breaks (Young learners and teens) Vocabulary Circle  (Young learners, teens and adults) How many things… (Young learners and teens) Boredom Buster (Young learners and teens) The Story (Young learners and teens) Creating curiosity in the classroom (Young learners and teens) Discover more games and activities for young learners here 
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