ESL Game Alphabet Wave

ESL Game Alphabet Wave

ESL game Alphabet Wave is a fun and simple way to practice the alphabet or spelling with young learners.

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How to play
  1. Give each student an alphabet flashcard or two depending in your class size.
  2. Play ‘the Alphabet Song’ and while the music is playing students must hold up their flashcard when the letter is called.
Alternative Activity The teach can call out a word and students spell the word out with their flashcards. Have students line up in the correct order. This game is a great way to revise spelling of vocabulary and a great way to burn off some extra energy students may have
More alphabet activities
Discover more alphabet activities for kids. The Alphabet Song (A,B,C) – A fun song to play alphabet game with Alphabetti Spaghetti – Simple fun game to practice the alphabet with young leaners. Alphabet Race – Get students moving with this fun alphabet race activity.
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