ESL Halloween Game: What’s In The Box

ESL Halloween Game: What’s In The Box

ESL Halloween Game: What’s In The Box is a classic Halloween game that can be used to engage young learners on the theme of Halloween. Watch the video to see how to prepare this activity and below the video, you will find some suggestions of what you can put inside the box.

Some ideas of what you can include in the box:

Brains: Cooked Spaghetti (after cooking drain it, pour it in a bowl then refrigerate it so it will stick together), Boiled cauliflower head, cold oatmeal

Dead Hand: Rubber glove filled with flour

Dead Skin: Banana peel, smashed up boiled egg whites

Ears (witches, werewolf): Dried apricots

Eyeballs: Peeled grapes, olives

Fingers: Microwaved hotdogs cut in half, small whole pickles, thin carrots

Fingernails: Almonds, sunflower seed shells, pumpkin seeds

Guts: Canned spinach

Heart: Peeled can tomato

Nose: mushrooms

Skeleton Pieces: Cleaned chicken bones

Teeth (dead man’s, witches): unpopped popcorn, uncooked elbow macaroni

Witch Hair: Corn husks, steel wool

Worms: Cooked spaghetti with a little oil

Spiders: Pipe cleaners twisted together in the shape of a spider

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