ESL Game: Catchphrase

ESL Game: Catchphrase

ESL catchphrase is a simple game that is a great way to start or end class. Watch the video below to see how to play. A list of catchphrases and definitions can be found here. This activity is great to play at the start or end of class and is an effective way of exposing teen and adult students to common phrases and expressions in English while having fun in the classroom. As ever, enjoy and have fun!

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1. Make a copy or note of some of the catchphrases in the printable download. 2. Put students into group or 2, 3 or 4. 3. Write 2 or 3 catchphrases on the board. 4. Students discuss what the possible meaning of the catchphrases are. 5. Get groups to share their ideas with the rest of the group. 6. The teacher then reads out meaning of one of the catchphrases and students try to guess which catchphrase the definition matches. Continue with the rest of catchphrases. Other ideas: Get students to compare with catchphrases from their own language. How would they translate them? Are they similar in English?

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